Painting by  Charlie Ramos

Painting by Charlie Ramos


Born in Brazil, son of a writer and a teacher, raised in beautiful Rio de Janeiro and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was always fascinated with Films, Animation, Comic books and Videogames since I was a kid, so it's natural that I ended up doing something related to that for a living.

After working for a few years in Rio de Janeiro, I spent about 8 years doing Animation at a place called Blur Studio in Venice, California, where I started doing Animation and Layout, eventually started supervising animation and then directed some projects in my last two years there.

In 2010 I joined Pixar Animation Studio to help create a feature film called Brave, and I've been there ever since, working in the Camera and Staging department. My job is to create a kind of prototype of the film, often using temporary dialogue and music, and with very rough looking animation and lighting, since the point is not how it looks, but how it plays. We experiment with camera placement, lenses, shot choreography and a lot of collaboration with the editors, so we can refine the storytelling and find solutions that feel believable from a narrative perspective and work well in a three dimensional space.

Here are some interviews I've done in the past, posted unedited in my Journal page. Thanks for your interest!

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