Inside Out
Pixar Animation Studios | 2015
Feature Film

Role: Layout Artist

I'm extremely excited to be working on this Film! Pete Docter! Ronnie del Carmen! And Lewis Black as "Anger"! Anyway, This one will be released next summer, and is keeping me very, very busy at the moment. As usual, not much I can comment on yet, other than it is a movie set inside a little girl's mind with her emotions as characters, and that it's like nothing you've seen before.

Here's a little press hype about it: 'Up' director Pete Docter wows with ‘Inside Out’ preview at Disney’s D23 Expo

And lately there's a lot more buzz building up as the film's release date approaches. Here are some features from MoviePilot (notice the drawings by Tony Fucile and lots of artwork around the walls) and SlashFilm.