The Good Dinosaur
Pixar Animation Studios | 2015
Feature Film

Role: Layout Artist

I spent a good chunk of 2013 working on The Good Dinosaur, a movie that was originally slated to be released in the Summer of 2014. The movie is currently being reworked into a new, amazing shape and will now have a release in the end of 2015. After Inside Out was finished I got to work a little bit on the new version as well, though only for a brief time so I'm not sure I'll get a credit for that.

It's a movie unlike any other that Pixar has done, and perhaps unlike any other film out there, and it's really exciting seeing the incredible work going into it, to the point that the previous version - a good movie by any measure - wasn't considered good enough, and was scrapped at an enormous cost, just for the sake of doing the best movie we can make.